I say I want to blog.  I say I want to keep some type of journal.  I need to have some discipline and do it!


I’m Back

Ok…Let’s try this one more time. I want to journal. How about I just do it.


Well, I got them done…my taxes.  Procrastination must be my middle name. Couldn’t sleep last night because I’d waited until the last minute to do them.  I had one thing going for me though…all of my papers were organized and together.  So tell me why I had so many problems with the math? But it’s all behind me now so I can focus on some of the other things I need and want to be doing.  Like how about I practice free-motion quilting so I can move on to some piecing I need to do.  Another thing I noticed about myself is that i have a need to finish a task before starting something else.  Hmmm…AADD…maybe a little obsessive/compulsive behavior thrown in to make it interesting.

Focus girl!

Is there such a thing as adult attention deficit disorder? If so, I’m probably the poster child. There are just so many things I want to do and so little time in which to get it done. And I definitely can’t seem to stay focused. Hopefully, if I can discipline myself to blog a little every day, I’ll be able to improve my focus. I also want to learn to meditate. That would probably be helpful, too. I think I’d love to have someone to help motivate and guide me with the meditation thing. And maybe a little yoga practice for good measure. Whew…

Hello world!

Hmmm…..so much to say…need to get organized.